Bridal Hair Trends: Perfect for the Modern Bride in 2023

Bridal hair trends for 2023

It’s business as usual post covid! The recent wedding boom is proving that there are no rules for style in 2023. Every element of your bridal look should reflect your personality and style—and your hair is no exception.

In fact, your hair is your crown and your best accessory. Remember to choose a wedding hairstyle that represents you at your best. A hairstyle that suits not only your dress but your personal style and what you feel best in. And please, ladies, while it may be tempting to be Sex In The City cool and ultra on-trend, remember, pictures last a lifetime. Don’t deviate so far from who you are daily that when you look at your pictures 10 years later, you wonder what you were thinking.

Based on the exciting shifts for New York Bridal Fashion Week 2023, I expect to see the return of many beloved classic wedding hair trends. For example, effortless waves and sleek buns, both high and low, but also some new, out-of-the-box styles in my predictions.

High and elegant updos are most definitely back but with a modern twist. We didn’t just see the ‘90s circle back around in streetwear, but we’re seeing it on the bridal side as well. From bubble sleeves to bows, celebrities and brides alike have recently re-adopted these iconic ’90s bridal pieces as back and chic-on-trend! Long live the ‘90s!

Buns Are Back

Expect to see accessorized sleek high buns and snatched ponies making bridal bliss statements this year for hair. Side-swept curls are a timeless red carpet staple and continue to remain a bridal favorite. To give this look a 2023 upgrade, add a pearl or rhinestone clip to the side part opposite the curls. For an extra-glam effect, brushing out the curls diffuses their shape for a softer, more lived-in vibe that looks oh-so effortless and modern.

Buns all around are trending! It seemed one of the goals during Covid was to get that perfect peach as every personal trainer ditched the super skinny routine for curves and shape. This is also true for 2023 Bridal Hair.

Super sleek buns, both high and low, have a strong game. If your style is refined elegance, a sleek and architectural bun is the epitome of what you seek. This polished approach is a statement look loved by minimalist and maximalist brides alike. This clean and fuss-free base offers a world of opportunity when it comes to styling with accessories and securing your veil. You cannot go wrong with beautiful buns this year (in more ways than one).

What About Parts?

New York Bridal Fashion Week 2023 saw many designers favor the middle part regardless of the dress. The center part has always been a popular style choice for brides because it creates a beautiful balance and strong facial symmetry.

In 2023, this wedding hair trend is getting a touch of old Hollywood by tucking the bangs back.

A big pro of this new iteration on the standard slick-down part is it draws the eyes to the face and highlights your features even more. For a 2023 cool-girl look, opt for a deep middle part with hair tucked behind the ears and a bit of texture through your ends. Don’t be afraid to show off your bobby pins, either! Yes, that is still a trend.

Natural Beauty Reigns

The name of the game in 2023 is sustainable lifestyles, and that includes weddings. From sustainable fashion and B Corp, certification companies are moving more and more into natural and organic practices as well as branding that is modern and relatable. Natural beauty continues to reign in 2023. Also, effortless soft waves are no exception. The definition of sweet and simple, no complex styling needed. A trend that is sure to make you feel your best and most natural. An option that is safe when you look back at those pictures 10 years from now! Don’t forget, there are always hair extensions to help elevate that look and support the style for those brides that wish they had more hair.

Choosing the Right Hairstyle is Everything

With all eyes on you for your big day, it only makes sense that you’d want to choose carefully when it comes to bridal hairstyles. Remember, the right choice needs to match you and your personality. It should also pair perfectly with your wedding dress and needs to fit in seamlessly with the vibe you want to create for your special day. Whether it’s relaxed, glamorous, sleek, or super sexy, you want to capture a moment in time but also create a look that’s ageless and will stand the test of time in photos for years to come.

XO, Danielle

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