Time to eat a healthy breakfast

5 Minutes To No-Carb, Protein-Packed Breakfast.

Set yourself up for a great day with a quick breakfast scramble.

Whether you’re a hairstylist, in a corporate office, an entrepreneur—whatever it is you do—there is no excuse not to eat a healthy, balanced breakfast. It’s how you set up your day, and it’s how you burn fat throughout it.

Another Million Miles | Wellness | Healthy Breakfast Scramble

Here is my five minute scramble recipe:

  • Preheat olive oil in skillet over medium heat
  • Add fresh mushrooms & pico and sauté
  • Add a little pepper if you want for flavor
  • Add spinach and half of an avocado
  • Lightly sauté before adding two beaten eggs
  • Toss all together in the skillet
  • Add to bowl and top with siracha sauce if desired

It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s nutritious. I hope you enjoy it.

xo, DK

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