We Attended India’s First Hair Fest In Goa & Met The Three Best Hair Artists In The World

As seen in MensXP | March 5th, 2020
by Mehul Reuben Das

Thinking of your hairstylist as an artist seems to be a farfetched idea for most of us. Even the best of the best that we have in India, be it someone like Aalim Hakim, or Darshan Yewalekar, we consider them to be hairstylists or hairdressers. But never do we use the adage “artist” for them.

Matrix India organised the first-ever hair fest in India, at Goa, to change this exact notion. Thanks to a wide and well-spread network of educational studios across India, Matrix is already helping salon owners and hairstylists from tier I, tier II & tier III cities to expand and grow their businesses in their communities.

To that effect, Matrix India got three of the most renowned hair artists from all over the world to headline the fest, showcasing some quite technical, but easy styling techniques that they had developed.

The trio of Philip Wolff, Alfredo Lewis and Danielle Keasling showcased some of their best, and most iconic signature techniques that indeed inspired Indian hair artists to collaborate with fellow hair artists, and work together to create a culture of experimenting among their customers.

Philip Wolff, for those who are uninitiated, is a renowned hair artist who has worked with a number of celebrities in Hollywood like Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian, thanks to some really zany techniques that he has when it comes to cutting and giving textures to hair.

Alfredo Lewis, on the other hand, is a hair artist best known for his work with hair colours, and for styling stalwarts like Jane Fonda.

Danielle Keasling is widely known for her work behind some of the most iconic editorial covers for magazines all over the world. She has also worked with a number of pop icons. For example, it was Danielle and her team, who did the hairstyling for Lady Gaga and her troupe for their performance at the 2015 Super Bowl, an American sporting event for the NFL, which has a viewership of over 100 million.

Danielle Keasling celebrity hairstylist

Speaking to MensXP at the event, DP Sharma, Director for Professional Products Division at L’Oreal & Matrix India said, “The objective of the Matrix Hair Fest is to get as many hairstylists and salon owners in one place, and help them in marketing themselves better, and to help them further develop their skills. The objective is also to inspire the artists to collaborate and build an organic community that grows stronger. And given the crowd that has turned up for the fest, we believe that it was a success.”

And it indeed was a success. Over 5000 people attended the event on the first day of the event, which, apart from some incredible demonstrations from Alfredo, Philip & Danielle also had a stellar performance from Kings United, the winning team from World of Dance 2019 championship.

Day 2 was even more enthralling with some more demonstrations and a session of using social media and the internet to better develop a salon’s reach, and by a power-packed performance by Badshah and his entourage.

We also got a chance to have a word with Philip Wolff, who told us what all things should men consider when they are choosing a new hairstyle.

Along with Philip, we also had a chat with Alfredo, discussing what hairstyles work best for varying face shapes.

All in all, it was an enriching experience spread over two days, appreciating the most underrated aspect of style and fashion – hair. Was it educational? Yes, indeed. Would we go back for more? You bet we will.

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